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Implementing Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and changes to Hamilton Hindin Greene's Terms & Conditions

Globalisation has provided opportunities for offshore tax evasion. In response, the OECD has developed the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information in Tax Matters (AEOI) to provide a global framework for the exchange of financial account information about persons that invest outside of their jurisdiction of tax residence. In broad terms, the CRS requires that financial institutions carry out due diligence to review their financial accounts to identify accounts held or controlled by foreign tax...
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Bonus Bonds: The much more Fun Investment, Yeah Right.

Bonus Bonds hold a truly unique place in New Zealand’s investing landscape, like many new Zealanders, I myself have held them (courtesy of a gift of my parents) when I was a child. A Little History…. Bonus Bonds is actually a unit trust founded in 1970 with a reward scheme based on cash prizes. The New Zealand Government launched bonus bonds under the Unit Trusts Act 1960 through the Post Office Savings Bank (which later became PostBank) with the goal...
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International Fund Update: Barramundi

Barramundi has long history of appearing in portfolios for retail investors looking for Australian exposure and a very attractive dividend yield. Barramundi is a well-diversified fund made-up of small to medium sized Australian companies, trading on the NZ share market, offering high growth potential to NZ investors. On the surface, the fund represents a favourable opportunity for NZ investors to achieve high dividend returns and diversification outside of NZ. Look below the surface and one question remains, is the dividend...
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Which is better, Residential or Commercial Property Investment?

For many New Zealanders the goal of owning an investment property has been ingrained as one to aspire to. The reality can be quite different. Prices in Christchurch have been largely flat for last three years, sales volumes are falling and the engine room (Auckland) is running out of puff. The recent Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) restrictions put on by the Reserve Bank have seen landlords either being told to deleverage or that they cannot continue to build their property...

Aussie Opportunity Stock: Sonic Healthcare

Sonic Healthcare is the largest private pathology player in the Australian private pathology testing market with 40% share. Scale has been achieved via multiple acquisitions, integrated using a well-established hub-and-spoke operating model, has driven synergy benefits domestically and we believe will support the offshore growth strategy in the U.S. and European markets. Sonic has historically grown via acquisition, both domestic and offshore. With approximately 40% of the domestic market now captured, it is our view that future growth will be...
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Seven Keys to Successful Investing

It requires discipline to stay invested through volatile times and capture the long–term performance of the market. Investor behaviour often deviates from logic and reason, and investors display many biases that influence their investment decision-making. There are seven strategies that can help cut through the noise and emotional biases, and help you to invest more successfully over the long-term. Start Investing as early as possible It’s never too early to start investing. Investing early develops positive habits and teaches important...
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UK Listed Trusts

The UK Listed trusts' manage diversified international share portfolios and rely on the managers ability to navigate the global financial markets. These investments are listed on the London Stock Exchange and are denominated in Sterling. Bankers Investment Trust PLC provides a one-stop shop for global equity exposure. Its legacy was strongly UK-centric exposure, while current managers have opted to invest over 60% of the fund outside of the UK. There is a strong income commitment, which has been fulfilled for more...
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Aussie Opportunity Stock: Ramsay Health Care

Ramsey is a global hospital group operating 223 hospitals and day surgery facilities across Australia, the U.K., France, Indonesia and Malaysia. It is also the largest and most diversified operator of hospitals in the Australian private sector. Scale of Ramsay’s operations in the Australian context underpins, in our opinion, a sustainable competitive advantage which drives both cost advantage and a reasonable level of pricing power in negotiations with private health insurers. Unlike the United States, the Australian healthcare system relies...
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Aussie Core Stock Update: Santos Limited

Santos is looking attractive after a material reduction in balance sheet risk. With shares trading at nearly AUD 3.66, we believe investors are offered 44.8% potential upside. Capital expenditures now run at largely a maintenance level, and we forecast free cash flow to exceed AUD 1.0 billion by the end of 2021—sufficient to expunge net debt in that year all else being equal, including reinstatement of a 40% payout ratio from 2018. Santos is currently paying no dividends. Net debt/EBITDA...
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Fixed Interest Review: Listed Fixed Interest & Term Deposit Rates

With global wholesale interest rates on the move again we thought it would be advantageous for our investors to have a comparison between bank term deposits and the fixed interest investments available on the New Zealand debt market. Below is a list of just a few of the listed fixed interest investments available. Fixed Interest Issues Issuer Code Maturity Date Yield Cooperative Bank COO010 28/07/2026 6.50% Infratil IFT230 15/06/2024 5.95% ASB Bank ABB050 15/12/2026 5.30% Kiwi Bank KCF010 15/07/2024 5.19% Infratil...
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