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Market Talk With Tom McBride - Updates for Xero, Z Energy, Heartland Bank and Comvita

Tom McBride talks to Grant Walker of the National Business Review regarding the markets.

Tom analyses the most recent annual result for Xero, their reduction in cash burn, and international ambitions. The Z Energy Annual Result boasted strong profit growth on the back of the Caltex acquisition, but experienced a drop in fuel margins . Heartland Bank's share price continues to rise on receivables growth and the Australian government levying a 0.06% tax on major bank's liabilities. Maintaining a 44% gross margin, stengthening the balance sheet and formalising sales into China make Comvita an attractive company at current pricing. Is Myrtle rust a significant threat to the NZ honey market, or a managable situation? Consider how NZ has managed the introdcution of Varroa Mite and American Foulfbrood.

Annual Result Updates for Xero and Z Energy, and an update on Heartland Bank and Comvita.



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