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I find Richard Parkin helpful, knowledgeable, prompt and delightful.

Grant Davies is always accessible via email and visits us at home annually. I would have no hesitation in requesting an additional visit if needed. We always feel he has an in depth understanding of our portfolio and our needs. We are both very happy with his continuing advice and guidance.

Mark is astute with a finger on the pulse of the market. Despite the pandemic, he was readily available and his calm demeanor gave one confidence. Highly recommend.

Mark Hampton is very professional, and good and easy to deal with. We are very happy.

Mark is very approachable and his knowledge of the markets extensive. Provides good sound advice.

I can truthfully recommend Mark Hampton as a competent and trustworthy adviser.

HHG and Grant Davies are a strong team that have consistently delivered over a number of years.

I am a cash-rich/asset-poor (by choice) retiree leading a nomadic life after working hard as an engineer for 45 years. I feel very fortunate in being referred to HHG and Jeremy Sullivan to look after my money, my life’s savings. It takes a big load off my mind to have a one-stop shop in a specialist and very long-established investment company like HHG looking after my money.

The responsive, personable and highly qualified adviser Jeremy Sullivan I feel lucky to have on my case. Being a relatively young family man and partner in the company, I feel he will be around for the long haul and will outlast me!

I would, without any hesitation, recommend Tom McBride as a talented, very well informed, and extremely conscientious stockbroker – a real “stockbroker’s” stockbroker.

Thank you for the excellent summary of our meeting and the current position of my investment portfolio. I would also like to thank you for your guidance and wisdom in ensuring that my investment has performed so great. Im sure that the portfolio would not have performed as well without your input.

Jeremy Sullivan has provided excellent advice over the years I have known him.

I have found HHG to be honest and reliable when it comes to my portfolio. I would happily recommend them to anybody looking for a modern and up to date Share Broker Company.

I’m extremely happy with HHG communications, particularly with the interactions that I have had with my financial adviser, Grant Davies. Grant is always very responsive and follows up immediately. He communicates clearly, translates his technical knowledge for me as a layperson very effectively, and at no stage “talks down” to me.

Tom’s knowledge and understanding of the financial markets is exemplary.

He is extremely enthusiastic, confident and very approachable.

He always has my best interests at heart, and I’m very happy to continue doing business with him.