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Hamilton Hindin Greene has partnered with the SuperLife KiwiSaver Scheme to provide you with a tailor-made KiwiSaver account. Working with your adviser, you can design and maintain a portfolio built from low cost exchange traded funds (ETF’s). There are 31 ETF’s to choose from with the ability to change your investments without paying transaction fees.

Having an experienced and highly trained investment adviser by your side, will help you to make sound decisions and avoid the common mistakes made by investors. Interested in switching? Talk to an adviser today and start taking control of how you invest your KiwiSaver Investment money.

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SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme

The SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme offers a broad range of investment options to suit your circumstances. There is no minimum investment and you can change your investment strategy any time, free of charge.

Due to the fee structure, it may not be in your best interest to have a small account invested with us. Your adviser will be able to convey this to you. All fees are explicitly expressed prior to you investing.

KiwiSaver Annual Review

Ensuring your portfolio is positioned to meet your needs is not a set and forget task. Your adviser will work closely with you to create a portfolio to suit your stage in life. We will also formally review your KiwiSaver Investment portfolio with you on an annual basis to ensure it meets your needs going forward.

Low fees 

The use of ETF’s keeps the fees low, whilst allowing for you and your adviser to tailor-make the portfolio to meet your needs, ethical views and risk tolerance. When combining the adviser and fund fee we often still come in under the average KiwiSaver fee, whilst having your own Investment Adviser who you can talk to and who will regularly review your portfolio.


You can change your investment strategy at any time for no cost. This allows you and your adviser to choose from 38 different investment options to take advantage of market movements and/or to position yourself within your ethical views and take control of your KiwiSaver Investment.

View the returns and fees for our 38 investment options. This includes 31 ETF’s and 7 managed funds.

The fund charges set out at the above link are a percentage per annum of the investment option’s net asset value and are deducted from, and reflected in the value of, the option. The fund charges include the fees and costs charged by the supervisor and custodians (together with the fees and costs charged by any other funds we invest in). They also include SuperLifes regulatory and compliance costs. Some of these costs are not fixed, so the fund charges set out above include an estimate of these costs. The fees in the above link do not include HHG’s advice fee which is 0.50%p.a. (subject to minimums).

The following fees also apply:

SuperLife KiwiSaver scheme

  • Administration fee – $30 a year (regardless of the number of investment options you invest in, or the number of times you change investment options)
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