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Meikayla Moore's Story - Hamilton Hindin Greene's Sponsored Olympic Athlete - Update

Update from Japan; Meikayla, and the Football Ferns, have had a couple of tough games to open the Olympics. It doesn’t get any easier with world number 5 Sweden looming on Tuesday night (NZ time). Meikayla took some time out to answer our questions and offer some great insight into the mindset of a top-level sportsperson. What processes do you and the team go through to analyse the game post-match? Initially after the game it is individually driven. Our analyst codes...

Meikayla Moore's Story - Hamilton Hindin Greene's Sponsored Olympic Athlete

Update from Japan; 12 days pre-camp in Atsugi, Kanagawa is over and it has been amazing to finally be back with the team after 18 months apart. Despite such a long period between tours we have been making the most of our time together on and off the football field. After our time in Atsugi, our next stop was the Olympic Village where we are now currently based until after our second game. It began to feel very real upon entering...

Hamilton Hindin Greene Sponsors Olympian & Local Football Fern

Football Fern #5, Professional Footballer for Liverpool FC Women #15, Olympian #1321, Client of Hamilton Hindin Greene Ltd Meikayla’s Story Christchurch born and bred; my football career started at age three playing for Burwood FC (football club). I played football throughout my youth and rose through the NZ National team stages to senior women’s Football Fern, making my debut at the age of 17 as a substitute in a 4-0 win over China in Switzerland in 2013. To further develop my...
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Why is Everyone Talking About Cryptocurrency ?

The meteoric rise of cryptocurrency is grabbing headlines but also dividing opinions among financial pundits. Some hail it as the future ‘currency of the internet’ and ultimate store of wealth, while others call it worthless and dangerously speculative. Either way, cryptocurrency is undeniably volatile in 2021, supported by a surge of interest from institutional investors, payment networks, and digital assets companies. Along the way, cryptocurrency is changing the rules, presenting threats to incumbents and posing many questions about the future of...
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A2 Milk Update

A2 Milk Still Attractive Despite Near-Term Headwinds and More Muted China Outlook A2 Milk’s latest downgrade indicates our prior expectation for the firm’s share of the Chinese infant formula market to continue its rapid ascent was too optimistic. Persistently high inventory through the sales channel has stifled reordering from key corporate daigou partners, weighed on market pricing, and led to ageing of available product. While we continue to expect continued growth in Chinese-label baby formula and some recovery in the daigou...
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Defensive Aussie Stock

Computershare is the largest share registry business in the world and the only provider with a global footprint. The company has a narrow competitive advantage underpinned by customer switching costs and cost advantages. Computershare operates a capital-light business model with a high proportion of defensive and recurring earnings. We expect this to enable regular dividends and the elimination of net debt within a decade. We expect rising interest rates, cost-cutting, and an expansion of the mortgage servicing business to drive underlying...
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Summerset Group Client Presentation

On Tuesday 18th of May, HHG were proud to host Summerset CEO Scott Scoullar for a company presentation over some morning tea at The George. Thanks to all of you who braved the rain and hail to attend, we were very pleased with the turnout and feedback. For those that could not attend, watch this space - we are intending on making these presentations a more regular occurrence and have secured another CEO from an NZX top 50 company for...
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The Rise of Inflation

For the last decade economies and investors have been operating in a low inflation environment which has generally been good for investors. In recent months, however, rising inflation has emerged as a threat. Why does inflation matter? Inflation means increased input costs for businesses. For example, higher commodity prices mean manufacturers have to pay more for the materials they use to produce their goods, which means they either have to increase the prices they charge for the goods they produce, or...
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Hamilton Hindin Greene Changes To Terms And Conditions

To accommodate recent changes in legislation HHG has updated its standard terms and conditions. This includes amending terminology to reflect the Financial Adviser regime as wells references to the new Privacy and Trustee Acts. If you would like to review these changes a pdf copy of the new Terms and Conditions can be found on HHG’s website at: Terms & Conditions Alternatively call your adviser to discuss the changes and a hard copy can be forwarded to you via the mail....
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Changes to Financial Adviser Regulations

What is a Financial Advice Provider (FAP)? A financial advice provider (FAP) is an individual or entity (e.g. Hamilton Hindin Greene) that provides a “financial advice service”. An entity provides a financial advice service if they give regulated financial advice to their clients on their own account, or they engage others to give regulated financial advice to their clients on their behalf. To use the term Financial Advice Provider from 15 March 2021 onwards an individual or entity must be...
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