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Richard Parkin

UK Share Certificates

You may be one of our clients who originally hail from the UK and still have paper share certificates from various different British companies. In order to sell them in the UK you will need a UK Broker account but we can sell these if required, or if you have

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Income in Retirement education session:

Tom McBride and Richard Parkin have recently started running investor education sessions with the first subject being “Income in Retirement”. In the session, Tom and Richard look at retirement income by examining research from Massey University outlining the required income for a comfortable retirement and how a well-managed portfolio of

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Sell in May?

There are lots of different rules and guidelines bandied around when it comes to investing. I have spent much of my career trying to avoid catching falling knives or buying on rumour and selling on news – you may have your own personal favourite. But one of the earliest ones

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