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Hamilton Hindin Greene Ltd has been dealing in shares and bonds since 1900 and is proud to be Canterbury owned and operated.

Although we deal with many high net worth individuals, we are also happy to help new and smaller investors enter the market. Educating investors on the intricacies of the sharemarket is a big part of what we do. A taste of this can be found on our blog.


How can we help?

If you are looking to buy, sell or need advice on:

  • Shares
  • Bonds
  • KiwiSaver and Superannuation
  • Savings and Investment Products
  • Cash Management Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Listed and Unlisted Managed Funds
  • Preference Shares
  • Hybrid Securities
  • Listed and Unlisted public companies
  • Unit Trusts


  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • America
  • Canada
  • And further afield

We can help!

Please contact an adviser to discuss your requirements and for full details of our fees and charges. For info on the some of the terms used when investing, please refer to our glossary.

Frequently Asked Questions

plus small outer thick gold-iconWhat do I do to become a client?

To become a client simply contact us and we will assist you to complete the paperwork required for you to become a client.  This is not complex but the requirements do vary depending on the legal entity through which you wish to transact.

Use the Find Adviser or Become a Client options at the bottom of this page to make contact and become a client of Hamilton Hindin Greene.

plus small outer thick gold-iconHow do I place an order to buy or sell shares?

Once we have received your completed Client Agreement Form and the relevant ID you can place an order with your Adviser by phoning 0800 10 40 50 or (03) 379 8420 or email

Adviser contact details can be found using the Find an Adviser button at the bottom of this page.

plus small outer thick gold-iconIf I sell shares when will I receive the proceeds

For sales made via NZX and ASX payment will be made to you 3 working days after
the day on which the trade is transacted i.e. a sale made on Monday will be paid to you on Thursday.

plus small outer thick gold-iconHow is payment made to me?

We prefer to pay sale proceeds by direct credit to your nominated bank account
which become ‘cleared funds’ overnight. However if you prefer we can make
payment by cheque.

plus small outer thick gold-iconI want to change my address or other account details

To change your account details please advise us via a signed letter to:

Hamilton Hindin Greene Limited

PO Box 10, Christchurch, 8140

Some changes may require further documentation that will need to be supported by original or certified copies as proof. For example a deposit slip for bank account changes or marriage certificate for name changes. These may need to be sent to the office along with the signed request.

If in doubt please call this office on 0800 10 40 50 before making the request and we will advise what supporting documentation is required.

Please note: You will also have to inform the registry of your change of details.

plus small outer thick gold-iconHow are my transactions confirmed?

HHG will mail or email you a ‘Contract Note” which will confirm each transaction
made on your behalf. You will receive confirmation of your holding from the
Share Registry following the completion of the contract.

plus small outer thick gold-iconHow do I check the price of my shares?

You can call us 379 8420 or toll free 0800 10 40 50 and we will be happy to provide you with the latest prices or you can log on to any of the following useful web sites:

plus small outer thick gold-iconWhat are HHG's brokerage rates?

Our standard NZ commission rates are:  Minimum = $85.00

  • $0 to $49,999.99= 1.50%
  • $50,000.00 to $100,000.00 = 1.00%
  • Over $100,000.00 = 0.80%

For Australian orders : Minimum = AUD$90

  • $0 to $49,999.99 = 1.75%
  • $50,000.00 to $100,000.00 1.25%
  • Over $100,000.00 1.05%
plus small outer thick gold-iconWhat are the trading hours for the NZX & ASX?

NZX 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
ASX 10.00 am – 4.00 pm (Australian Time)

plus small outer thick gold-iconWhat is the smallest number and value of shares I can buy on the NZX?
Number of shares  Price per share
2,000  Where the price does not exceed 25 cents
1,000  Where the price exceeds 25 cents but does not exceed 50 cents
500  Where the price exceeds 50 cents but does not exceed $1.00
200  Where the price exceeds $1.00 but does not exceed $2.00
100  Where the price exceeds $2.00 but does not exceed $5.00
50  Where the price exceeds $5.00 but does not exceed $10.00
25  Where the price exceeds $10.00


In the case of a rights issue relating to equities, the number that would, upon payment of application money, convert to the minimum holdings as mentioned above.

Debt Securities commonly have minimum holding of $5,000 principal amount.

In the case of Government Bonds, a minimum holding of $10,000 face value.

We would recommend a minimum of $500 – $1,000 but the investment is also dependent on share price. Please bear in mind our minimum NZ brokerage charge of $85.

plus small outer thick gold-iconHow do I get advice and information on companies
All our advisers are NZX certified and available at all times to discuss your
investment requirements and queries. We also have Research Notes available on
most NZX listed companies, the ASX200 and a selection of mid-cap stocks that HHG
has selected for strong fundamental reasons. International research is sourced
from our offshore agents.
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I am very happy with the service over the time I have been involved with the company. Thank you Jeremy Sullivan

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