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Post Election Market Update – It’s Still an Interest Rate Story

Unfortunately, we have not seen a new government bounce for the New Zealand share market as interest rates continue to dominate the narrative when it comes to share market performance. For those uninitiated, the meteoric rise in interest rates over the last couple of years impacts the performance of the

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Silicon Valley Bank, What Happened?

You may have seen the recent news headlines regarding SVB Financial Group (Silicon Valley Bank, SVB), so I thought it would be worthwhile explaining the situation and how this may be impacting your investments. Firstly, Silicon Valley Bank was a US bank that focused on providing banking services to individuals

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NZX50 Capital Index Finally Catches up with 2007

The table above shows the impact of dividends on the NZX50 gross index over the past ten years. The green line representing the oft-reported NZX50 index, and the blue line representing the NZX50 Capital Index which has just surpassed 2007 highs. Grant Davies talks to Stuff reporter Richard Meadows below. New Zealand’s

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Is The Warehouse a Bargain?

The Warehouse Group has come a long way in the last 10 years. Having developed a strong brand representing cheap goods sold through their red sheds empire, The Group have invested heavily to diversify their retail market exposure. The Group has since expanded to include 5 operating segments, The Warehouse,

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