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Brian Kreft retires as Chairman of Hamilton Hindin Greene Ltd after 11 years.


After 11 years Brian Kreft has retired as Chairman of Hamilton Hindin Greene Limited (HHG). HHG is a boutique investment advisory firm in Christchurch, New Zealand. Brian remains a Director of that Company.


Brian Kreft

Brian’s career had extensive involvement in the providing of advice relating to company funding, business acquisitions, organisation structures, company floatation’s and prospectuses and has given governance advice to a wide range of clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

He is a former director of one of New Zealand’s largest stockbroking firms and was instrumental in establishing the Listing Rules and the Market Surveillance Panel of the New Zealand Stock Exchange which came into effect in 1989.

Brian remains the Chairman of Generation Group Limited, (one of New Zealand’s larger residential home builders), KSL Insurance Limited (a Christchurch based specialist insurance broker and advocate).

He is also chairman of Les Mills International Limited and certain of its subsidiary and associate companies (which licences and sells specialist group fitness programmes throughout the world. It has its programmes in 83 countries and an excess of 16,000 gymnasiums worldwide). Brian is also chairman of Les Mills Holdings Limited, which is a separate company from Les Mills International Limited (it operates gymnasiums in the main centres through New Zealand).

Graeme McGlinn

Brian will be replaced by Graeme McGlinn (currently independent Director). Graeme has over 30 years of experience in auditing, consulting and forensic accounting, gained in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Asia. Graeme’s expertise extends to accounting roles relating to securities law, capital markets and capital raising. This work, combined with his extensive experience working with Boards and acting as a board member provides a skill set that will add value to HHG’s governance functions.

We hope you will join us in welcoming Graeme McGlinn to Hamilton Hindin Greene and we wish to thank Brian Kreft for his 11 years of leadership and service to the firm.

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