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Hamilton Hindin Greene use a disciplined process when designing a portfolio that best suits the needs of our clients. This first process requires that we understand our clients appetite for risk, which will then allow us to design an Asset Allocation in line with that risk. We then select stocks based on both the Asset Allocation and Risk Profile. 

Risk Profile. Asset Allocation. Stock Selection

Investment Committee

Hamilton Hindin Greene’s investment committee consists of six committee members, combining a broad level of expertise which ensures our clients receive a robust investment service. The broad investment philosophy of the committee is one of long-term growth. The committee focuses on quality, blue-chip direct equities and fixed interest securities that fit our strict investment criteria.

The committee meets once a month, or as market movements dictate, to discuss the recommended portfolio and investigate avenues to bring further value to our clients. This allows Hamilton Hindin Greene, in conjunction with its advisers, to provide clients with an investment strategy to meet their investment objectives.


We use Morningstar for the bulk of our research requirements. They provide us with a significant suite of research on a wide selection of stocks which enables us to provide our clients with very detailed information relating to their investments. HHG advisors also conduct their own research into select companies that we think will add value for our clients and are happy to investigate stocks brought to us by clients looking for advice.

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