Hamilton Hindin Greene Supports The Christchurch City Mission This Christmas

This year has been particularly difficult and disruptive for all sorts of reasons. HHG wanted to recognise that people as well as businesses have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. HHG has therefore donated what we would normally spend on client functions to the Christchurch City Mission. The Mission was born in 1929 when a […]

Common Pitfall – Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Emotions can often run as hot or as cold as the market itself. Controlling these emotions is absolutely essential for investors. Obviously, this is where we believe an adviser can be very helpful, but there are also things that investors themselves can do to control their emotions, and ensure they are acting rationally. Fear of […]

China’s Market Risks Are Nothing New

They’ve always lurked beneath the surface. It wasn’t long ago that China’s market was promoted as a big investment opportunity. The narrative revolved around capturing the country’s astounding growth. A booming economy and rapidly evolving stock market were fertile ground for investment opportunities. China’s market remains in the spotlight today, but for very different reasons. […]

Turners Automotive Group Limited – Presentation

On the 24th November we had a good video conference with Turners. Tina (marketing character) was busy enjoying the cars so instead we were provided with an update from Todd Hunter, CEO and Aaron Saunders, their CFO. The news from them was pretty positive with 24% growth in the first half of this year and […]

Z Energy Takeover at $3.78 Per Share Likely To Go Ahead Early Next Year

Ampol (an Australian petroleum company) and Z Energy have entered a binding implementation scheme for Ampol to acquire Z for an unchanged NZD 3.78 per share in cash, or a total outlay of NZD 2.0 billion. Z Energy will pay an interim NZD 5.5 cent dividend for its half year to Sept. 30, 2021, but […]

NZ Banks Increasingly Worried About House Prices

NZ Banks have huge exposure to the housing market, with $320 bn of residential lending. It therefore makes a lot of sense to listen to what they are saying regarding the housing market at present. Currently all five of New Zealand’s major banks expect house prices to drop in 2022. In November, the BNZ noted […]

The a2 Milk Company – Update

A2 Milk has had a disappointing year, having fallen from $21 NZD per share in July 2020 to under $6 at its lowest. Nevertheless, shares in a2 Milk continue to screen as good value at current prices. A2’s brand metrics remain healthy.