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Investment Advice

Hamilton Hindin Greene use a disciplined process when designing a portfolio that best suits the needs of our clients. This first process requires that we understand our clients appetite for risk, which will then allow us to design an Asset Allocation in line with that risk. We then select stocks based on both the Asset Allocation and Risk Profile.

Portfolio Management

At Hamilton Hindin Greene we feel every person is unique. Therefore, every portfolio should be as unique as the client. Working with an experienced and qualified adviser in our Overview Portfolio Management service, we can tailor a portfolio to meet your specific goals and objectives, whilst taking into account your tolerance for risk.


Hamilton Hindin Greene Ltd has been dealing in shares and bonds since 1900 and is proud to be Canterbury owned and operated.

Although we deal with many high net worth individuals, we are also happy to help new and smaller investors enter the market. Educating investors on the intricacies of the sharemarket is a big part of what we do.

UK Pension Transfers to New Zealand

We have access to schemes that have UK tax approval from HMRC which is known as a (Qualifying) Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme or more commonly (Q)ROPS.

Hamilton Hindin Greene arranges the ROPS via a New Zealand Superannuation Scheme. Underneath this umbrella of the ROPS, you have the ability to hold multiple currencies, direct shares and fixed interest investments across the major markets including the US, UK, Australia and of course New Zealand. This tailor-made service includes regular client meetings and reviews, as well as ongoing valuation and transaction reporting.


Hamilton Hindin Greene has partnered with the SuperLife KiwiSaver Scheme to provide you with a tailor-made KiwiSaver account. Working with your adviser, you can design and maintain a portfolio built from low cost exchange traded funds (ETF’s). There are 31 ETF’s to choose from with the ability to change your investments without paying transaction fees.

Having an experienced and highly trained investment adviser by your side, will help you to make sound decisions and avoid the common mistakes made by investors. Interested in switching? Talk to an adviser today and start taking control of how you invest your KiwiSaver Investment.

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