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Managed Portfolio Service

We offer custom-fit managed portfolio services at Hamilton Hindin Greene. This means the financial investments in your portfolio will be optimised to suit your situation.


What is a Managed Portfolio?

A Managed Portfolio is an investment portfolio that has been professionally tailored towards your particular circumstances; considering your financial situation, goals and objectives, and risk profile.

Once implemented, your adviser then constantly monitors your portfolio to make sure it’s performing as expected, and will alert you if tweaks need to be made.

By holding the assets in our custodial service, we’re also able to take care of all the required administration and paperwork associated with your investments, such as corporate actions and tax reports.



Who is a Managed Portfolio Suited for?

At Hamilton Hindin Greene, we understand that a lot of clients may not have the time, resources or expertise required to successfully manage their own portfolio.

These clients want to be sure they have the most suitable asset allocation and that they’re investing in the best companies and bonds. They enjoy being able to rest assured they’ll be contacted immediately if anything in their portfolio needs to be changed or if there are any new opportunities to take advantage of. 

They appreciate only ever having to deal with their adviser, never needing to call registries or be passed from department to department at a call centre.

Trustees of Trusts are comfortable using this service knowing that they are fulfilling their duties under relevant legislation.

If any of this sounds like you, please contact us to hear more.


Is a managed portfolio the same as a managed fund/KiwiSaver?

In short, no.

While the underlying assets may be similar (i.e., your Managed Portfolio and KiwiSaver may both hold Company XYZ), there are a couple of key differences.

Firstly, managed funds take a one-size-fits-all approach and everyone who invests in that fund has the exact same investments. With a Managed Portfolio, your portfolio will be unique to you and your circumstances.

Secondly, the investment decisions for a managed fund are all made by a central investment team, giving you absolutely no influence over what companies your fund invests in. With a Managed Portfolio, your adviser will provide advice and guidance while you retain complete control and can choose to include or exclude any companies or industries you wish.

Finally, with a managed fund, you can only buy and sell the fund ‘units’, not the underlying investments. This means that when you buy or sell units, you are buying/selling everything in that fund, whether it is a good time or not. With a Managed Portfolio, we can be much more strategic and sell the right securities at the right time.


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