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Portfolio Management

At Hamilton Hindin Greene we feel every person is unique. Therefore, every portfolio should be as unique as the client. Working with an experienced and qualified advisor in our Overview Portfolio Management service, we can tailor a portfolio to meet your specific goals and objectives, whilst taking into account your tolerance for risk. 

You're in Control

You retain total control over your investments. Any investments made are done in consultation between you and your advisor and must be OK’d by you. This allows you to use our expertise whilst retaining control over your portfolio.

Proactive Monitoring 

Although you retain total control, your advisor will proactively monitor your portfolio and provide advice accordingly. HHG advisors monitor the market constantly to ensure we are quick to react to changes in market sentiment that may impact you. 


On top of the proactive monitoring of your portfolio, you will receive a yearly review and half yearly reporting that will help ensure your portfolio is best positioned for future growth. 

Tax Reporting

You will receive a consolidated tax report at the end of the tax year which includes details of income received by way of dividends or interest payments as well as imputation credits and tax paid. These can be provided out of cycle if required. 

Real-time Access

Overview allows real-time access to your portfolio. Through your online login you can view the current value of your portfolio, the income expectations of your portfolio, as well as produce a number of informative reports. 

All in one Place

Overview holds all your investments in a central location making it easy to monitor your portfolio. Overview will handle corporate actions such as rights issues, bonus issues and maturities on your behalf, ensuring your instructions are carried out.

Less Paperwork

Overview takes care of all the paperwork on your behalf saving you the time and hassle. You will no longer need to have all the paperwork on hand should you wish to buy or sell shares.

Overseas Markets

Overview gives you easy access to overseas markets. Often the paperwork, costs and administration makes this difficult for retail investors, however Overview gives you access to all the major markets.

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