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UK Pension Transfers to New Zealand

We have accessed a scheme that has UK tax approval from HMRC which is known as a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme or more commonly QROPS.

Hamilton Hindin Greene arranges the QROPS via a New Zealand Superannuation Scheme. Underneath this umbrella of the QROPS, you have the ability to hold multiple currencies, direct shares and fixed interest investments across the major markets including the US, UK, Australia and of course New Zealand. This bespoke service includes regular client meetings and reviews, as well as ongoing valuation and transaction reporting.

Within Hamilton Hindin Greene we have an Investment Committee which provides asset allocation models and guidelines to security selection. The committee mandate is the foundation for structuring an investment portfolio. The recommendations we provide are supported by research notes from our independent research house, Morningstar.

Usually UK pensions are transferred in £'s which can remain in your sterling cash account until you decide to change into NZ$'s or other currencies. There is no time frame when you have to do this and we can employ various strategies such as exchanging a percentage of your fund at regular intervals or investing some of your fund in £ denominated investments. This service is very similar to the UK Self Invested Personal Plan or SIPPs as they are more commonly known. However, as everyone has different requirements it is important to tailor an investment strategy that suits your requirements.

We will discuss, with you, your investment requirements and put together an initial portfolio which we then revisit once the funds arrive in your QROPS account. We believe it is important that you are fully involved in how your pension funds are invested. 

Henderson International

We are happy to introduce Jeremy Henderson, a UK pension specialist from Henderson International Ltd, who is able to provide help and assistance in transferring your UK pensions to New Zealand. Jeremy has helped 100's of UK migrants and returning New Zealander's with their UK pension transfers since arriving from the UK in 2002. 

Jeremy has written a comprehensive Guide on transferring UK pensions to New Zealand which helps answer the following questions:

• How does your Pension Transfer process work?
• What are the key criteria for transferring a UK pension to New Zealand?
• How long does it take to transfer a UK pension?
• What UK pensions can be transferred to New Zealand?
• How do you to manage the Exchange rate?
• What are the fees?
• What about State Pensions?
• What about tax?

If you would like to order this Free Comprehensive Pension Guide, please complete the order form at: the website: www.hendersoninternational.co.nz 

Or if you have a specific request you can email Jeremy direct at jeremy@hendersoninternational.co.nz 

David Hayes (AFA)

David Hayes is an Authorised Financial Adviser whose role is to provide advice and guidance on the reinvestment of your pension once the transfer process has completed.

David is based in Christchurch and travels to Wellington and Auckland on a regular basis and is available to meet with you to discuss the investment process with you further.

If you wish to discuss your situation, please call David Hayes on 03 379 8420 of email him at david@hhg.co.nz  

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