Trade Plus One Settlement (T+1)

On the 28th of May 2024, US and Canadian equity markets moved from a T+2 settlement (today plus two days settlement) to T+1 settlement. This shortens the period between placing a trade in the equity market and the date that cash must be available to settle the trade or providing the securities when they are […]

KiwiSaver and Women: Let’s Take a Closer Look!

The disparity in KiwiSaver balances between women and men has recently come under the spotlight over the last month after the latest research conducted by Te Ara Ahunga Ora The Retirement Commission released in February 2024. As of 31st December 2023, there were 3,274,618 members in KiwiSaver and of those, 51.2% being female, yet the […]

Happy Birthday KiwiSaver!

New Zealanders have always been very good savers, and particularly keen investors, so for some the prospect of retirement income was largely taken care of through the ownership of rental properties, land, or investments in bonds and shares. However, for others who were not able to make the same sort of provision, they were reliant […]

New Zealand Stock Updates

SYNLAIT MILK LTD – FINANCIAL SITUATION Synlait Milk Limited is currently navigating significant financial challenges, as the company now anticipates breaching three of its key banking covenants. This precarious situation could result in the company’s debt being called, necessitating immediate repayment. Bright Dairy’s Potential Financial Support Bright Dairy, a major shareholder with a 39% stake […]

Overseas Stock Focus – NVIDIA Joins the $3 Trillion Club

A Milestone in Tech History NVIDIA, the renowned semiconductor company, has officially joined the elite group of $3 trillion (USD) market capitalization giants. If you had invested $10,000 in NVIDIA stock a decade ago, your investment would now be worth an astonishing $2.2 million. This remarkable growth has propelled NVIDIA into a prestigious club that […]

Exchange Traded Funds

Some investors will hold ETF’s in their portfolios, and this may mean positions in companies such as Smartshares. HHG was visited on the 28th of May by Anna Scott, CEO and Jermaine Cooper, Client Director from Smartshares for an update on their offerings and general review of activities. Smartshares are owned by NZX Group and […]

Are You Scam Aware?

Scams range from the obvious to complex and hard to spot. These include: Scammers often call or text claiming to be from your bank or another company or government agency. They may have a believable story to convince people to give their information – but it’s important to stop and consider all requests before actioning […]

Interest Rate Update: A Significant Shift in the Economic Landscape

In a notable move, the Bank of Canada has reduced its official interest rate by 0.25%. This decision was swiftly mirrored by the European Central Bank, which also implemented a 0.25% reduction in its official rate. Adding to this trend, ANZ Bank has adjusted its forecast, bringing forward the expected interest rate cuts in New […]

HHG Investment Committee Update – June 2024

The June quarter has so far seen the NZX50 give back its gains from the 1st quarter of 2024, with the market now broadly flat. To steal a line from my last quarterly update, “This continues a recent trend of the NZX50 under-performing its global peers.” During our last Investment Committee meeting, we discussed the […]