Times they are a changing – Meikayla Moore Update

I had the pleasure of talking to Meikayla during her post season after a hectic year where her team, Liverpool, won the FA Women’s Championship. But life as a professional footballer is never dull, with Meikayla about to join up with her Football Ferns teammates for games against Norway and Wales. Meikayla is also about […]

Jargon Buster – Gearing

For example, if an Investment Trust holds $100m in assets, and borrows a further $10m, it will have $110m in assets invested and hopefully generating a return. This is referred to as 10% gearing. The Manager can use this borrowed cash to take larger positions in conviction stocks, or take advantage of new opportunities without […]

Income Opportunity – New Zealand Property Stocks

Income Opportunity – New Zealand Property Stocks As interest rates continue their rise and noble fight against inflation, property stocks have fallen on average 21% from their highs in September of last year. As share prices fall, their dividend yield has increased and on many fundamental factors are appearing to look attractive. The table above […]

5 ETFs for rising interest rates and inflation | David Bassennesse | BetaShares

RISING RATES AND RISING INFLATION The shift in global interest rates expectations since late last year has been one of the most dramatic in modern history.A major catalyst for the shift in interest rate expectations has been the persistent rise in inflation, especially in the U.S. As evident in the chart below, both headline and […]

Why Timing the Market Rarely Works

We’ve all heard the sayings, wise words like “buy low, sell high” and “be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”. The problem is that investors aren’t (usually) machines and investor psychology means the chances are much higher that the opposite will happen. This is because people are far more likely […]

Bonds in a Diversified Portfolio

At the end of 2020, the sum of the market capitalisation of all global stock markets was $US106 trillion, and the size of the global bond market was $US124 trillion. Bonds play a critical role in global capital markets, and they are also an important part of building diversified portfolios for investors.This article tries to […]