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Times they are a changing – Meikayla Moore Update


I had the pleasure of talking to Meikayla during her post season after a hectic year where her team, Liverpool, won the FA Women’s Championship.

But life as a professional footballer is never dull, with Meikayla about to join up with her Football Ferns teammates for games against Norway and Wales.

Meikayla is also about to begin a new leg of her journey as she searches for new challenges, deciding to leave Liverpool. Watch this space.

Branching out is something that more and more New Zealand investors are beginning to do. Whilst the NZX has been a good place to be historically, our market has underperformed over the past couple of years. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand was one of the first in the world to begin moving interest rates upwards, which created a headwind for the New Zealand market compared to our global counterparts.
Time will tell whether this was the right move, but global markets have been playing catch up of late, with the technology sector in particular feeling the heat so far in 2022 (the NASDAQ is down 25 percent).
The recent underperformance of the NZX, and the even more recent drop in the tech sector was something that Meikayla and I talked about during her annual portfolio review. So far, Meikayla has focused her investing on New Zealand, however she is now looking further afield as a way to diversify her investments.

Perhaps an overused adage, is that diversification is your only free lunch when it comes to investing, it is overused mainly because it is true. Study after study has shown that diversification reduces your risk, without having a negative impact on average returns. That is why HHG recommends global exposure in our managed portfolio (although individual circumstances can sometime override this recommendation).
Global exposure though Hamilton Hindin Greene is not just limited to our managed clients, however, many of our clients prefer to do their own thing, and global markets are just as available for those clients. The process is fairly simple, and although custody fees do apply, we consider these costs to be outweighed by the benefits clients get from the added diversification. To access the thousands of companies available in the global market, please contact your adviser.

After an exciting loss to Norway and a disappointing draw with Wales, further World Cup preparation sees the Ford Football Ferns take on Japan in October.


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