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Market Talk with Grant Davies. NBR Radio 18-11-2016

Grant Davies talks to Sunday Business with Andrew Patterson. This week we look at the impact of Trumps election and the Kaikoura earthquake on the markets, and delve deeper into how the earthquake is impacting Tower, Freightways, Mainfreight and Tourism Holdings. We also digest the latest Fonterra payout forecast and how that will impact the rural economy. Grant Davies Investment Advisor Phone: 03 353 0795 Send an Email View Bio
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Market Talk with Tom McBride. NBR Radio 20-10-2016

Tom McBride talks to NBR with Andrew Patterson from Sunday Business. This week Tom tackles a couple of topical subjects, namely the recent pull back on the NZ market, what can we expect from this year's AGMs, and the recent scandal regarding Crown Resorts in China and whether SkyCity should be concerned.
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Market Talk with Grant Davies. NBR Radio 30-09-2016

Grant Davies talks to Sunday Business with Andrew Patterson & Duncan Bridgeman This week Grant tackles a couple of curley subjects, namely the pull back in Orion Healthcare and the significant drop in the Inturei share price. He also looks at the Hellaby takeover and the recent OPEC agreement. Grant Davies Investment Advisor Phone: 03 353 0795 Send an Email View Bio
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The Aggressive Investor Profile

Last quarter we had a look at conservative investors, noting that although many investors proclaim to be conservative, many of their portfolios are anything but. Many who would consider themselves conservative, actually have portfolios that fall towards the aggressive end of the risk spectrum. An aggressive investor has the asset allocation outlined below. They accept that there will be ‘extreme’ variation in their returns, but expect to achieve greater returns over the long term. An aggressive portfolio may have dropped...
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Beat the deadline for withdrawal restrictions on NZ QROPS schemes

From 1st December 2016 the ability to access 30% of the funds at 55 will be significantly reduced. Currently when someone transfers their UK pension to New Zealand, the amount that they can withdraw is determined by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). This means that the earliest you can withdraw transferred UK pension funds is age 55 and the amount that you can withdraw is essentially 30%. However, on 1 December 2016 new legislation being introduced under the Financial...

Introducing Graeme McGlinn as Independent Director

Graeme has over 30 years of experience in auditing, consulting and forensic accounting, gained in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Asia. He has been an auditor of many publically listed companies and is often retained as an expert witness in forensic and litigation support cases that focus on director duties associated with offers of securities to the public. This expertise extends to accounting roles relating to securities law, capital markets and capital raising including occasional appointments by the Securities Commission...
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International Diversified Core Portfolio Stock

I-SHARES CONSUMER STAPLES ETF – IXI The aim of an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) or Tracker Fund is to track the performance of a specified index (like the FTSE 100) and to provide you with the same return as that index, less fees. As a fund, your ETF investment gives you access to a portfolio of companies (shares), bonds or other asset types (such as commodities or property). Like a share, an ETF is bought and sold on a stock...
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New Zealand Core Portfolio Stock

Vector Limited is a New Zealand infrastructure group that owns and manages a portfolio of energy and fibre optic infrastructure networks in New Zealand. The primary operations of the group are electricity distribution, gas transportation, natural gas, LPG sales, gas processing, metering and telecommunications. Vector’s main operational segments include: Electricity, Gas Transportation, Gas Wholesale and Technology. Vector exhibits reasonably predictable earnings as a result of the vast majority of their revenue being generated by regulated assets. While electricity and gas...
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New Zealand Growth Opportunity Stock

New Zealand has been warming to the potential of many high growth companies over the last few years. One such company is Pushpay. Pushpay provides mobile commerce tools that facilitate fast, secure and easy non point of sale payments between consumers and merchants. Pushpay services three target markets: the faith sector; non-profit organisations and enterprises (both small medium enterprises and corporate organisations). Those who invested $10,000 NZD in to the IPO in 2014 would be sitting on the tidy sum...
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Economic Update

WIDER ECONOMY Many asset classes, both at home and overseas, ran into heavy weather over the past month, principally because markets started to confront the reality rather than the distant prospect of more-normal monetary policy in the United States. Many asset valuations had made sense only when interest rates looked likely to remain very low, and thus were vulnerable when the tide started to turn. There are likely to be further episodes of valuation reassessment in coming months as investors...
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