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Oil: The highs and lows of cyclical commodities

OIL PRICE ANALYSIS Oil is so much more than a fuel. It’s a force even bigger than its trillion-dollar market. It’s a weapon, a strategic asset, a curse. It’s a maker and spoiler of fortunes, a leading indicator and an echo chamber. Each has a part in determining oil prices. THE BACKGROUND During the mid-20th century, a group of multinational oil giants known as the Seven Sisters (including the companies that became Exxon Mobil, Chevron and BP) dominated the market....

Richard Boulton

Richard Boulton has left Hamilton Hindin Greene after over 30 years of service. Over the years Richard has been Managing Director, Managing Principle, Director and shareholder of HHG. He has seen the firm change from a partnership to a company and been through the introduction of formal compliance processes, not to mention numerous market events and the Christchurch Earthquake. HHG wishes Richard well for the future and he has left in the knowledge that his clients are in the safe hands...
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Settlement: T + 2

Important notice regarding settlement of NZX and ASX transactions. What is the change? On 7 March 2016 the NZX and ASX markets reduced their current settlement period of trade date plus three business days (T+3) to a settlement period of trade date plus two business days (T+2) for trades on their markets. Why is the change being made? Shortening of the settlement period on NZX and ASX markets will ensure NZX and ASX match international best practice in this area and...
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Reset Security Opportunity Hybrid Securities - ASBPA & ASBPB

ASB Capital was incorporated in 2002 as a special purpose company to issue perpetual preference shares (ASBPA). It was a subsidiary of CBA Funding (NZ) Ltd. The ultimate parent of this company, and of ASB Bank Ltd, is Commonwealth Bank of Australia. ASB Capital No.2 was incorporated in 2004 as a special purpose company to issue perpetual preference shares (ASBPB). In March 2006 it announced that, as part of a restructuring, the party responsible for its shares would become ASB Group...
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Positive Indications For NZ Stocks From The Solid Reporting Season

The New Zealand reporting season finished up more or less in line with our expectations. In aggregate around 60- 70% of the companies reported results that were in line with expectations, 20% reported results ahead of expectations and the rest reported below par profitability and earnings resulted in a commensurate increase in dividend payments. We believe that a strong economy and supportive exchange and interest rates should assist corporate profits in general over the next 6-12 months. This along with healthy...
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Market Talk with Grant Davies. NBR Radio 20-03-2016

Grant Davies, investment adviser at Hamilton Hindin Greene and NBR’s Duncan Bridgeman talk to Sunday Business with Andrew Patterson. Grant Davies discusses the motives of China Resources Ng Fung, a Chinese state-owned enterprise that has spent $56 million buying a 15.3% in Scales Corporation. Mr Davies also looks into Fonterra's upcoming result, due for release on Wednesday the 23rd of March, explaining that unit holders and farmer shareholders are more aligned than most people realise. Turning to tourism, a shining light...
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Will New Zealand's central bank cut rates further?

Jeremy Sullivan talks to CNBC Asia regarding the NZX, interest rates and the outlook for 2016 Click here to view the video

Pacific Edge - Internationalising the Entrepreneurial Firm

Pacific Edge Ltd is a NZX listed [PEB.NZX], New Zealand based biotechnology firm, specialising in the field of bladder cancer detection, through their primary product suite called ‘CX-Bladder’. The technology has been derived from the University of Otago and was established in 2001. The primary competitive advantage of the CX-Bladder product suite; is the non-invasive (urine) testing and their market leading diagnostic accuracy, compared to other urine based testing. The incumbent diagnostic tool is cystoscopy, which involves having a narrow tube...

Results season: The best-performing companies, and the biggest flops

Results season is over for most of New Zealand's publicly listed companies. They have fronted up to hard-eyed shareholders, laying bare their performance for the six months to December 31. A few have dazzled the crowds, a few have flopped, and many more have not moved the needle at all. The NZX is a small part of the broader economy, but the fortunes of our listed corporates provide another clue into how the country is faring. While tourism is a shining...

NBR - Arvida Update Gives Shareholders Heart

Shareholders gave Arvida [NZX: ARV] a tick of approval this week after a development update. Grant Davies of sharebrokers Hamilton Hindin Greene says the update from the NZX-listed retirement company was viewed positively by shareholders who have seen the share price trade at a discount to asset backing for a year or so now. Shares rose from 89c to 91c, shy of earlier levels in January of 93c a share, which compares with its December 2014 listing debut at 95c...
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