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A Broker's Preview - Stockland

Overview: Stockland is an Australian listed “AREIT” (Australian Real Estate Investment Trust), offering investors diversified property exposure across the Tasman. AREIT’s are a massive investment market in Australia, with the 16 companies on the S&P/ASX 200 AREIT index boasting a combined value of $109 billion (dwarfing the NZX 50, ex the 2 big Aussie banks, which comes in at $83 billion). Pros: Stockland are one of the larger AREITs on the ASX, with 41 retail centres, 21 industrial properties and...

A Broker's PreView - Kathmandu déjà vu

Overview: As the great Yogi Berra once said, “it’s like Kathmandu all over again”, such was the markets familiar reaction to their half year result released on Tuesday. It was only last month that I wrote about Kathmandu and the 25 percent drop in their share price after a disappointing sales update. In the mean time their share price rose 28 percent from lows of $1.39 to a peak of $1.79 reached last week. Those highs were fleeting, with Tuesday’s...
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