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What is technology disruption and how will it affect businesses and organisations?

Written by Jeremy Sullivan for the University of Canterbury Executive Development Programme. Jeremy Sullivan|Free Ph: 0800 10 40 50|DDI: (03) 353 0797| Investment Advisor (AFA) | BCom. Finance. Mgmt. NZX Dip| Level 1, 83 Victoria Street, CBD, Christchurch, 8013 E-mail: Unless we collectively focus more capital on disruptive innovation, efficiency gains will lead to higher unemployment and stagnant or negative economic growth (Christensen, 2013). In this essay I will be addressing the topic question "What is technology disruption and...

Fonterra unit investors kick unit values after interim result - Tim Fulton - Fairfax

Investors are punishing Fonterra for a disaappointing balance sheet and dividend payments to farmers, a Canterbury-based share advisor says. The value of Fonterra's listed investment units has dropped up to 20 per cent since the co-op's interim result two months ago. The sharemarket "wasn't too happy" with Fonterra's interim financial result on March 25 and the feeling had contributed to the unit price in the Fonterra Shareholders Fund falling from about $6 per unit to $4.80, Hamilton Hindin Green authorised...
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A Broker's PreView - Infratil - 18.4%p.a. Compounding Return over 21 years

Overview: How does an 18.4 percent per annum after tax compound return sound? Most would be pretty pleased to achieve that on any given year, however early Infratil investors have enjoyed this compounded annual return over the company’s 21 year existence. This makes Infratil the best performer on the NZX over this period. Pros: This strong performance can only be achieved through astute investing. Infratil seem to have this down to a fine art, having recently sold their Australian energy...

He who is desperate will squeeze oil out of a grain of sand

GrainCorp released their 2015 half year result today with a disappointing performance. GrainCorp is Australia's largest agribusiness, operating a range of integrated businesses: Storage & Logistics, Marketing, Malt and Oils. Operations span across Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, Singapore, China, the UK and Europe, providing an increasingly important service across the food supply chain. GrainCorp’s strategy is focused on 3 principal areas: - Three core grains: Wheat, barley and canola; described as “drier climate” grains. - Three integrated grain activities: Storage...
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A Broker's PreView - Metlifecare Coming of Age

Overview: If there are two certainties in NZ at the moment, it is that Auckland house prices will dominate the headlines and our population will get older. Metlifecare has unique exposure to both these certainties with approximately 60 percent of their retirement facilities in the Auckland region. Pros: In April, Metlifecare acquired another Auckland development site, a 5.5 hectare property within Manukau Golf Course in Manurewa. This will be Metlifecare’s 16th village in the wider Auckland region, and 27th overall....

Is The Warehouse a Bargain?

The Warehouse Group has come a long way in the last 10 years. Having developed a strong brand representing cheap goods sold through their red sheds empire, The Group have invested heavily to diversify their retail market exposure. The Group has since expanded to include 5 operating segments, The Warehouse, The Warehouse Stationary, Torpedo 7 Group, Noel Leeming, and The Warehouse Group Financial Services. The Warehouse is predominantly a general merchandise and apparel retailer, selling discounted goods through its red...
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A Broker's PreView - MYOB Needs its Head in the Cloud

Overview: MYOB’s latest listing on the ASX adds a little more spice to the Trans-Tasman battle between MYOB and Xero. Their battle can now be measured in market capitalisation, as well as the revenue growth measure so favoured by Xero. Approximately 40 percent of MYOB was sold in the Initial Public Offering at $3.65 per share. Pros: According to Morningstar research MYOB is still the largest provider of accounting software to small and medium enterprises in Australia and New Zealand...

A Broker's PreView - Genesis Slips on Lower Oil Price

Overview: Investors who took part in the Genesis Energy Initial Public Offering (IPO) would have recently received notification of the allocation of their bonus shares. Retail, aka Mum & Dad investors were entitled to 1 bonus share for every 15 they purchased in the government sell down (to a maximum of 2000 bonus shares), as long as they held the shares for a year. Those investors who were quick off the mark were lucky to sell before the Company announced...

A Broker's PreView - Nuplex's New Tech Resin-nates

Overview: Nuplex have backed up their decent half year result in February with an announcement of a “breakthrough technology for the coatings industry”. The global manufacturer of resins used in paints, coatings and structural materials, presented the technology to the European Coating Show this week. Clearly it resin-ated with the audience, as they were awarded the “Best Paper Award” for their efforts. Pros: Nuplex will be looking to use the new technology to increase market share and improve margins. Margin...

A Broker's PreView - Commerce Commission Singing Chorus' Tune

Overview: The Chorus saga was prolonged a further 2 months this week with the Commerce Commission extending the timetable on the final pricing principle (FPP) for the Unbundled Bitstream Access (UBA) and Unbundled Copper Local Loop (UCLL) decision until December this year. The Commerce Commission FPP decision will essentially decide the price that most Kiwis pay for broadband through the old copper network. This is the forth delay in what has been an arduous process for all involved. Pros: From...
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