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Tom McBride

How is The Reserve Bank of NZ using Monetary Policy Tools to Effect Changes in Interest Rates?

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is an internal committee of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) and is responsible for formulating monetary policy in New Zealand, directed towards the economic objectives of achieving and maintaining stability in the general level of prices over the medium term; and supporting maximum sustainable employment. The global economic disruption caused by the spread of COVID-19 has been catastrophic, but the effects on the developed worlds’ share markets have largely been mitigated by the...

Portfolio rebalancing, is it worthwhile?

Rebalancing your portfolio is one of those beneficial habits—like flossing every day or dusting under the refrigerator—that’s easy to let slide. But if your portfolio’s equity exposure crept up over the past few years, the sudden market correction in February and March was a harsh reminder of why it’s a good idea. In this article, I’ll look at how different rebalancing frequencies have paid off in 2020’s turbulent market, as well as during other market drawdowns. In a nutshell, any...

COVID-19 Update - Level 3 & 4 - Hamilton Hindin Greene's response.

Update - Level 3 & 4 - Hamilton Hindin Greene's response Hello, As you will be aware the Prime Minister has lifted New Zealand’s COVID-19 alert status to Level 3 and provided a warning of the alert level being raised to Level 4. This status will be in place for “a minimum four weeks”. Under Level 4 all non-essential services will close. Financial Services, the New Zealand Capital Markets, and the NZX are considered to be an essential service and will...

Transurban Group - Australian Infrastructure

Transurban is a major toll road investor with concessions to operate 14 Australian and two U.S. motorways. Concessions grant the right to operate the roads and collect tolls for predetermined amounts of time. The core Australian roads are integral parts of the motorway networks in Australia's three largest cities: Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Granting toll-road concessions allows governments to use private capital and expertise to provide necessary improvements to road networks. Typically, concession life and toll profiles are set in negotiation...

Market Talk with Tom McBride and Grant Walker: Earnings Season 2018

Tom McBride talks to Grant Walker from NBR Radio regarding the state of the economy and half year earnings results. Companies of interest include a2 Milk, Summerset Holdings, Metlifecare, Sky TV and CBL. Most companies reporting results this earnings season have pulled a reasonably good performance out of the hat, with the exception of a few market shockers.
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NZ Stock Opportunity - Comvita

By Tom McBride, Investment Adviser COMVITA Comvita is a vertically integrated natural health product company. It specialises in honey based products, with a particular focus on Manuka honey. More recently, the company has transitioned into other natural health product categories, including Olive Leaf extract, Omega 3, dairy, and eye-healthcare markets. In addition to natural health products, Comvita launched Medihoney Adhesive Dressings for minor wounds, burns, cuts & grazes. The adhesive dressing market is valued in excess of $1 Billion. Comvita generate...

Marlin - Fees the Catch, Time to Release

Marlin is one of three listed unit trusts managed by Fisher Funds. Marlin offers NZ retail investors managed international equity exposure with a regular income stream. FINANCIALS Since 2012, Marlin has underperformed the benchmark index in three out of five years, which equates to under performance of -1.06% p.a. In addition, Marlin are paying out 2.4x their cash income received from dividends and interest as dividends to unit holders, an unsustainable strategy during times of adverse market movement. Over the past...
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