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Females and Finance


Firstly, let me introduce myself.

My name is Donna Moore. I am the Compliance Manager for Hamilton Hindin Greene (HHG).

I have recently listened to an online webinar run by the Financial Services Council for International Women’s Day, and it inspired me for the first time to write a piece for HHG’s newsletter.

I listened to these women talk about self-belief and the need to carry that belief into financial circles. A key takeaway was to acknowledge the importance and value of financial capability for women, and how education is key for oneself but also for the next generation “our daughters.”

It made me consider: how does HHG in this sphere get women to talk more openly and confidently with their advisers; how can we serve our client base or those new to the market better? We all know that women are capable, we are just less likely to voice an opinion on money matters.

HHG acknowledges that there is a national strategy underway in New Zealand, and we want to show support and ensure that our financial services remain fair and equitable for everyone.

How can HHG help demystify its financial services for women? We believe a practical step is through targeted education and open discussions with an adviser. Women need to talk more openly about money.

For existing client’s, I encourage you to get your partners actively involved with your joint portfolios. It should be rudimentary to talk about money without fear of judgement and wāhine should feel empowered to do so.

It is a known fact that women live longer than men, and a good relationship with a financial adviser ensures that financial literacy is commonplace within your family and whānau, safeguarding those nearest and dearest.

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