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The Importance of Maintaining Your Asset Allocation

As investors we all know markets can move up and down. The recent pullback on the NZX caused our market to enter into a correction (which is a retreat of 10% or more from its highs). We have since seen stabilisation in global equity markets post the US election. It is times like these that investors should look at their portfolios and make sure their asset allocation still meets their risk profile. If you are unaware of your risk profile call an adviser on 0800 10 40 50 and we will work through it with you. Someone who recalibrated their portfolio six months ago will now have a more conservative portfolio than may be required. Given that investing should be for the medium to long term, the recent pull back has created opportunities to pick up some blue-chip companies at discounted prices.

Looking through the noise is often one of the hardest parts of investing. We are bombarded with information from all sides these days, and those who remain with their eyes on the horizon will do far better in the long run.

Shown below is the recommended asset allocation for the differing investor types, as approved by Hamilton Hindin Greene’s Investment Committee. If you see any discrepancies in the asset allocation of your portfolio and your investor type, now is the time to make the changes and take advantage of the recent market pull back.

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