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Investment Committee

Hamilton Hindin Greene’s  Investment Committee consists of six committee  members, combining a broad level of expertise which ensures our clients receive a robust investment service. The current sitting members include two independent members, three HHG advisers and one HHG director.

The committee  meet once a month, or as market movements dictate, to discuss the recommended portfolio and investigate avenues to bring further value to our clients. This allows Hamilton Hindin Greene in conjunction with its advisers to provide clients with an investment strategy to meet their investment objectives.

The broad investment philosophy of the committee is to balance capital protection,  with income generation  and long term growth. The committee  focuses  on quality, blue-chip direct equities and fixed interest securities that fit our investment criteria.

The criteria for being a ‘core’ Investment Committee approved company  includes having 3 years positive cash  flow, a Debt-Equity Ratio less than 1, reasonable liquidity, and a sizable market cap (some metrics will depend on which bourse the company trades on). We also require full independent research for all core portfolio stocks.

Currently the Investment Committee has 17 approved core stocks for the NZX, and 14 approved core stocks  for the ASX. These include CSL and Brambles which are outlined in this newsletter.Currently there are 9 Investment Committee approved peripheral equities on the NZX, and 8 on the ASX. Metlifecare and Oceania Healthcare,  outlined in this newsletter,  are peripheral equities.

The purpose of the Investment Committee is to provide advisers a consistent basis upon which to build portfolios for clients that fully reflects their risk appetite, goals and investment objectives. This does not mean that advisers are restricted entirely to approved stocks  when building portfolios for clients. However, the Investment Committee approved universe does provide advisers with a strong foundation upon which to construct a portfolio.


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