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Meikayla Moore’s Story – Hamilton Hindin Greene’s Sponsored Olympic Athlete – Post Olympic Update

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Football Fern #5, Professional Footballer for Liverpool FC Women #15, Olympian #1321 and client of Hamilton Hindin Greene Ltd

Returning from a pinnacle event like the Olympics and managing disappointment or relishing in success is about true self-evaluation, coming to overall terms that this chapter is over.  As this was my second Olympics, you learn and grow and develop strategies on how best to cope and recognise if you need to ask for support from family, teammates, or qualified mental health coaches. 

Rarely does a professional athlete feel completely satisfied and learning to come to terms with the emotional rollercoaster surrounding the high and lows of sport is crucial. When you feel you have reached that point you can then be in a position to perform once again at your best.   

I had five days, whilst in quarantine, which is not a lot as I arrived back from Tokyo both mentally and physically drained.  I knew though that I had to find the motivation and focus to integrate back into Liverpool FC and fight for a starting position.  I had missed a lot of pre-season; Liverpool had a new manager and some of the team from last season had not had their contracts renewed so I was meeting new team members. 

This was all quite daunting and whilst I was away at the Olympics this was in the back of my mind.  But training is good the sun is still shining, which is a bonus for Liverpool. Unfortunately, I sustained an injury in a pre-season friendly which further delayed my re-integration, but I am now back fighting fit with the mindset to get Liverpool back into the WSL.  I know that championships are won by cohesive defensive performances.

An even bigger picture is looking to the next event which is the World Cup 2023 and as a Football Fern we do that under the newly appointed coach Jitka Klimkova. I hope that the world can return to some form of normality and travelling to train alongside other NZ team members will be a possibility.  We can then look to further foster playing relationships and develop that continuity within a team that only comes from playing together.  Only then can the Football Ferns be best prepared for the 2023 World Cup as a host nation alongside Australia.

In terms of my portfolio at HHG, this is managed remotely through email communications and various touchpoints which could include via zoom. This gives me comfort as I continue to build on my existing investments which have long-term focus.


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