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UK Pension transfer Update from Henderson International



There have been some further developments from the HMRC regarding pension transfers from UK Defined Benefit or Final Salary Schemes to Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (ROPS).

With effect from 6th April 2015 it is a requirement to take impartial financial advice before going ahead with a transfer of defined benefits to a defined contribution arrangement if the value of your benefits is more than 30,000.00 GBPs. You will need to sign off that you have taken appropriate independent advice from a financial adviser registered by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK before deciding to transfer your Final Salary scheme benefits.

You will be pleased to know that Henderson International Ltd has made the necessary arrangements with a firm of UK Financial Advisers that can provide the necessary advice.

Transferring a UK pension to New Zealand is not straightforward and requires specialist knowledge and expertise. At Henderson International Ltd we aim to explain your options in a simple and understandable way. Everyone's situation is different, so please get in touch with us or Jeremy if you would like to understand what your options are. It is important that you can make a decision from a position of knowledge rather than ignorance - Jeremy Henderson Henderson International Ltd

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