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Voice Recording - Changes to HHG Terms and Conditions

Hamilton Hindin Greene Limited Terms & Conditions (July 2019)

Part A: General  Provisions – page 7 Clause  10.1 (d) and Clause  10.2

Disclosure information; voice recording amendments

Clause  10.1 (d) use and/or disclose information about, relating to, or provided by you to the Trading Participant, the Custodian or any other person (including, without limitation, any agent of either the Trading Participant or the Custodian, any financial institution issuing deposits, any Market Participant or other person in relation to an IPO, and any trustee or manager of a managed fund and any Securities Registry) for the purposes of or in connection with the provision of any Services agreed with you (including for the purposes or resolving any issues or disputes relating to the services);

Clause  10.2 you are entitled  to see, and ask us to correct, any information  that we hold about you.  Without limiting your right to see and correct information described above, if you have, or anticipate having, a dispute with us relating to the Services you are entitled to listen to any relevant recording of our telephone conservations with you.

Part B:  General  Trading – page 11 Clause  1.1 & 1.2 and page 17 Clause  13.1 (f)

References to First NZ Capital  Securities Ltd are amended to Jarden Securities Ltd and references to FNZC are amended to Jarden

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