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Taking control of your KiwiSaver Investment investments

Last month saw the launch of a new KiwiSaver scheme called KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme. It is the first and only KiwiSaver scheme which can only be accessed through a financial adviser and allows you to choose what investments you wish to hold in your scheme. Unlike the other providers which typically offer a limited choice of conservative, balanced and growth managed funds, KiwiWRAP currently has an investment universe of over 400 New Zealand and International investments with the intention to add further options each quarter as requested by you or your adviser. The only exclusions at this stage are direct New Zealand and Australian equities due to capital gains tax complications but this is something the Scheme hopes to rectify by the end of the year.

Flexibility to design your KiwiSaver Investment Investment

Current investment options include a raft of low-cost Exchange Traded Funds which can track companies in a global shares index or specific industry sector such as healthcare or technology. Also available are a number of UK listed investment trusts, for example Scottish Mortgage Trust and Bankers Investment Trust. For more bespoke portfolios there is a wide choice of US listed companies which can be selected with popular holdings Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Alphabet.

Your wealth management world

KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme gives you peace of mind and control over your wealth management world, with your adviser to guide you along the way. The value of advice has never been more important. Recent market volatility highlights the importance of having an adviser to help you with decisions that may have a long-term impact on the value of your investments.

You and your adviser will work together to design a portfolio for your specific needs.

Designed for the more sophisticated investor the minimum balance for KiwiWrap is $50,000 and tax is payable at a flat rate of 28%. The manager for the scheme is Christchurch based Consilium NZ Limited. If you are a KiwiSaver investor and would prefer a more dynamic investment offering, please contact your adviser for more information.

If you think that a bespoke investment strategy and KiwiWrap can add value to your KiwiSaver Investment investment, please contact your adviser at Hamilton Hindin Greene.

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