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The Ryman Healthcare Story

Ryman Healthcare Ltd (Ryman) are currently the 14th largest company on the NZX. Not long ago they were in the top five, but before we get into the recent history, it is worth going back 40 years to the very beginning. Ryman’s website notes that in 1983, Kevin Hickman walked

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Jargon Buster – Concentration Risk

Having large exposure to one company makes your overall financial position very susceptible to the fortunes of that company. This is called ‘concentration risk.’ The fortunes of even the best companies can change, and it can often be caused by things outside their control. Ryman is perhaps the most pertinent

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Silicon Valley Bank, What Happened?

You may have seen the recent news headlines regarding SVB Financial Group (Silicon Valley Bank, SVB), so I thought it would be worthwhile explaining the situation and how this may be impacting your investments. Firstly, Silicon Valley Bank was a US bank that focused on providing banking services to individuals

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Investment Income & Tax

When it comes to tax, investment portfolios can be complex and can cause headaches if not structured properly. Sam Grice from Ashton Wheelans discusses some common types of tax and the implications for an investment portfolio. NZ Interest & Dividends New Zealand Interest and dividends tend to be two of

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The Fixed Interest and bond market is full of jargon. Below we have explained some terms used in the article above. Yield to Maturity – The yield to maturity is a key factor when looking at bonds. The yield to maturity takes into account the Coupon, and the relative premium/discount

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The Importance of a Strong Organisational Culture

The unbelievable success of the Black Ferns shows the importance of culture for any organization. The success they achieved is something the Football Ferns will be looking to replicate when New Zealand hosts the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. Meikayla and her adviser, Grant Davies got to discussing team culture

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Hamilton Hindin Greene Investor Day – on 17th November

It had been some considerable time since we had an opportunity to gather investors together but on the 17th November we welcomed 50 clients to the Parkside Room at The George Hotel in Christchurch. A great venue and a beautiful day to hear from two excellent speakers, Greg Fleming from

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Warren Buffet’s Investing Philosophy in Nine Steps

If you want to invest like Warren Buffett, you don’t need to do anything extraordinary. In fact, many investors are surprised at his uncomplicated investment style. In this article, we’ll dig a little deeper into Buffett’s investment style and list some of the stocks he does (and doesn’t) invest in.

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