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The Importance of a Strong Organisational Culture


The unbelievable success of the Black Ferns shows the importance of culture for any organization. The success they achieved is something the Football Ferns will be looking to replicate when New Zealand hosts the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

Meikayla and her adviser, Grant Davies got to discussing team culture when she was back in Christchurch for the Football Ferns double- header against the Korean Republic. Meikayla, as part of the Ferns leadership group, has an important role to play in building that culture and is taking notice of what the Black Ferns have achieved.

The Black Ferns lost 4 games by a combined 166 to 47 to England and France in their Northern Hemisphere tour last year, prompting a formal review, and leading to the resignation of coach Glenn Moore. Not long after, NZ Rugby announced a new coaching setup, with Wayne Smith, assisted by Wesley Clark and Whitney Hansen taking the helm. In November the fruits of these hard decisions were born as they beat both England on their way to World Cup glory.

Whilst winning the FIFA World Cup may be a step too far for the Football Ferns, Meikayla and her team will be looking to replicate the culture and spirit that the Black Ferns wore on their sleeve.

Meikayla introduces Marcus Davies to the cameras in Christchurch.

Building a successful and positive culture is not something that is limited to the sports field. Culture is often a key determinant of business success and failure. It has been a high-profile issue for businesses such as Fletcher Building and AMP in the past but has also been discussed as a huge positive for businesses like Mainfreight and Ebos as well, propelling those companies to new heights.

One other aspect of culture that has become more of a focal point of late is company boards being more representative of their communities, with companies being encouraged to have more minority and women voices in the boardroom. There is some evidence that companies with more diverse boards diversification over the years, however, we recognise that the talent within our firm and are proud to announce that Donna Moore, our Compliance Manager, has now joined our board as a Director of Hamilton Hindin Greene.

She will bring her vast knowledge of the legislative environment to the board, as well as a passion for ensuring the firm follows best practice.

This will hardly be her greatest achievement having raised two daughters. Meikayla is an Olympian who plays football for New Zealand and professionally overseas and who has just completed her studies extramurally through Massey University. Danielle is now completing a Doctorate in Criminal Justice, whilst receiving an Accelerator Scholarship from UC.

We do consider it a great achievement for Hamilton Hindin Greene to get Donna on the board.

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