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Tom McBride

Core Portfolio Stock - Brambles

Brambles is a supply-chain logistics company operating in more than 50 countries, primarily through the CHEP and IFCO brands. The Group specialises in the pooling of unit-load equipment and associated services, focusing on the outsourced management of pallets, crates and containers. Whilst supply chain logistics is not the most glamorous of sectors, profits don’t discriminate on that basis. CHEP is regarded as the world leader in pallet and container pooling services. Their product range includes pallets, containers, and Reusable Plastic Containers...
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Casino's in Focus - Crown

People sometimes refer to decisions as a roll of the dice; not by chance, Crown Resorts is rolling towards a six. Crown Resorts is an ASX listed Gaming and Entertainment Company with geographic diversification, strong cash flows, and firm market positions in the cities it operates. Crown Resorts is the owner of two casinos in Australia, Crown Melbourne, and Crown Perth, with proposals for Crown Sydney and Queens Wharf in Brisbane. In addition to the Australian operations, Crown Resorts own...
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Is it time to cry over spilt milk?

Make hay while the sun shines, is a saying well known to many New Zealanders; unfortunately the dairy industry is caught in a supply and demand storm. The Dairy industry has been suffering from depressed milk prices since the boom of 2013/2014 when a kg of milk solids (kgMS) was selling for $8.40, with a 10 cent dividend. There are a number of factors that have led to the fall in dairy prices; these include political events, geographic factors, and...
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He who is desperate will squeeze oil out of a grain of sand

GrainCorp released their 2015 half year result today with a disappointing performance. GrainCorp is Australia's largest agribusiness, operating a range of integrated businesses: Storage & Logistics, Marketing, Malt and Oils. Operations span across Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, Singapore, China, the UK and Europe, providing an increasingly important service across the food supply chain. GrainCorp’s strategy is focused on 3 principal areas: - Three core grains: Wheat, barley and canola; described as “drier climate” grains. - Three integrated grain activities: Storage...
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Is The Warehouse a Bargain?

The Warehouse Group has come a long way in the last 10 years. Having developed a strong brand representing cheap goods sold through their red sheds empire, The Group have invested heavily to diversify their retail market exposure. The Group has since expanded to include 5 operating segments, The Warehouse, The Warehouse Stationary, Torpedo 7 Group, Noel Leeming, and The Warehouse Group Financial Services. The Warehouse is predominantly a general merchandise and apparel retailer, selling discounted goods through its red...
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